Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Still Here!

Sorry to be away so long; we've had, of all things, camera problems. I am sure it's due in some part to some very little fingers messing with it. Anyway, there have been no pictures around here lately. We have been busy, though, with lots of decorating, shopping and parties. Carver has become very excited about presents (both giving and receiving) and just this morning asked if Santa would still be able to come if we didn't get snow (we had been listening to the very warm weather report on the radio and I think he became concerned!). I assured him that Santa could come in spite of any weather conditions and I think that relieved his mind. Springer loves the tree and all the lights. So far we haven't lost any, but there are several that she really has her sights on. She is talking so much these days and is quite full of herself and all that she's able to do on her own. I promise to post more pictures just as soon as our camera issue is solved. Until then, enjoy the season!

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