Sunday, January 14, 2007

Can this really be January?!

Well, with 70 degree weather it was a perfect Sunday afternoon outside. Springer spent a little girl time with Lucy (which Lucy tolerated nicely) and then we all took a nice, long walk around our neighborhood. While G and I chatted with neighbors, Springer enjoyed the freedom of a wagon-less walk (picking up rocks, twigs and leaves along the way) and Carver enjoyed some time out on his bike. One thing we've worked on for months is making the trip down our rather steep driveway without constant breaking. Well, today he got it and wanted me to record his accomplishment. As you can see he did great! After many, many trips up and down we headed inside for a little breakfast dinner-a favorite of both of them. Although I certainly can't complain about this warm weather, I would like a little taste of winter before the arrival of spring. We'll see!

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