Friday, June 15, 2007

Georgia, Sweet Georgia

Although I've been away from Columbus almost as long as I actually lived there, it is still "home". The kids and I headed down there this week for a little family time. We stopped in Atlanta and visited M & T at their wonderful new home and then off to Pops and Nana's. We filled our week with lots of playing, a trip the the children's area at the museum, an afternoon walk around down town complete with a stop in at the church where we were married, and a morning swim in Robin Lake at Callaway Gardens. The sweetest part, by far, was the kids having down time with Granny, Pops and Nana. Needless to say there were tears all around when we headed out yesterday. There is something about being there that is good for my soul and it's extra special to share that place and its memories with Carver and Springer.

Carver & Springer loved the 'chalk board room' at the museum. As you can see Springer is by no means a follower. She found just about the only spot in the room that wasn't make of chalkboard-and drew there! When Carver climbed into the boat he closed his eyes and said, "look, Mama, I'm Jesus!" He cracks me up!

Carver lead Pops in the nightly calisthenics. We cracked up as they went through Carver's regime of push ups, jumping jacks and crunches. Pops would purposefully mess them up and Carver would just roll laughing-although when he had enough of Pops lack of cooperation he would come to me and very seriously say, "Mama, would you PLEASE tell your dad to do them the RIGHT way."

Granny (the children's great grandmother) was brave enough to accompany us to Callaway Gardens. The kids loved having her there and it was especially sweet to know that their first memory of this wonderful spot was made with her. She was quite a sport and we rewarded her with nachos and ice cream! Probably not such a fair trade! Springer never made it to the ice cream part-we wore her out a bit earlier!

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keri said...

sounds like a fabulous time in the "promised land"!! eric and rusty used to call it that in college and i just never understood it! (and still don't! ha!). we'll have to check out that children's area at the museum down there...what museum was it?