Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I am sure Photoshop could cover her torn up nose quite nicely,
but this is who Springer is this year...our pretty little tough girl.
Carver insisted on getting a bow tie for Easter. I had to take a big gulp
(he just looks so old!), but he was as proud as could be and thoroughly
enjoyed his big boy look. Uncle Micah and Pops (fellow bow tie wearers)
would be proud!

Springer and Mae compare their goodies.

Springer, Carver, Jack and Mae...
another wonderful Easter day with our sweet friends.


keri said...

poor springer! sorry about her fall...she looks adorable, even with a boo boo on her nose! and i love carver's neck tie, too cute!

Laura Ashley said...

I just saw your blog on facebook! It's great. The kids are so cute. I am just amazed at how much they have grown since we moved!

The Barfield Family said...

Great updates...hope Springer's nose is better...tell her Rudolph had a red nose? I know wrong season! They looked super...banged up nose or not!