Wednesday, September 06, 2006

School Days

Yesterday marked our official beginning of fall-Carver started back to pre-school! He was very excited about seeing all his friends, but also a "tiny bit nervous" about his new teachers. We spent the past two years of school with the same wonderful teachers so this year's switch upset the apple cart a bit. By the time I picked him up yesterday he declared "I love my teachers" and "I'm not nervous at all any more". I think that's a good sign! Springer started her Tuesday mornings with Miss Joneen as well. Joneen is a fabulous mother of five (!) who helped with Carver when he was Springer's age. Four other friends and I (with children close in age) "share" her each week. Springer loves the older children and seemed to enjoy her time away from me yesterday. It probably helps that we're hosting it so she didn't go far! I certainly enjoyed the morning to myself. It always amazes me how much I get done when I'm not loading, buckling, stopping to potty, etc. (And it's so quiet in the car!) I hope y'all enjoy the shots of our first day back in the swing of things! Here's to fall!


Micah said...

I love that shot of Carver and Springer sitting's a favorite.

JenMom said...

Absolutely adorable! Carver looks like such a little man.
I just had a fun time cruising over to Micah's site to check out his new pumpkin. I didn't post b/c I was not sure he'd remember who the heck I was...but she's a sweetie!!!

The Hiatt Family said...

Jen, He totally knows who you are! He and Tricia are regulars on your blog as well!