Sunday, September 24, 2006

What's WRONG with this picture?

So G's gone to a meeting, Springer's napping and I am feeling quite productive as I breeze through my little to-do list. Where's Carver? He is quiet. Not usually a good sign, but it's so hard to think of disturbing him when I'm getting so much done. You know the drill.... After some time of him "playing quietly and creatively" (my assumption) he came to the sun room and spoke the words that make all mother's stop dead in our tracks..."Mama, come see what I did in the laundry room." Here you have it-our little handy man. Thankfully he decided to show off his work prior to retrieving his stool which he claimed was needed in order to finish the upper part of the door! Daddy, I'm sending him your way!

1 comment:

Micah said...

Ha! I can't believe four years old Carver is more skilled with a screw driver than his Dad! Nice work, Buddy. I'll have some grass for you to cut in November.