Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thank you, Micah & Tricia!

Micah & Tricia, Thanks so, so much for keeping Carver and Springer so that we could get a weekend away to enjoy the wedding festivities. I know they had a ball; Carver has talked and talked about all y'all did together. Thank you for loving them so well. I am so thankful for you three. I hope you got a nap this afternoon! Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hiatts, very very nice to see such a beautiful Hiatt family. As you might guess Im also a Hiatt from the red delicious apple side of the family. My quaker family from England to penns. to new guilford carolina to indiana and then to Iowa. There are certinally alot of us if you start tracing our genoligy. Anyway Hiatts, you are a beautiful family. Sincerly Gene C. Hiatt Mt Hood, Oregon