Friday, April 06, 2007

Little Wildcats

Carver and Mary Gray

Springer and Sam

Yesterday morning we headed to Davidson to visit Carver and Springer's good friends Mary Gray and Samuel-and for me to visit with my friend Margaret Ann. Of course no trip to Daddy's alma mater feels complete without a stop at the college bookstore. Carver picked out new matching t-shirts for him and his dad. After that we strolled around campus and enjoyed a delicious grilled cheese lunch at the Soda Shop. While we were walking I pointed out G's old dorm and Carver asked, "Is that where he lived when you found him?" Another funny response came when I showed him the building in which G's English classes were held. Carver responded "You mean Daddy spoke Spanish when he was a little kid?!" Apparently English classes are only for those who speak another language! It was a beautiful morning out with sweet friends. Thanks, MA for sharing the day with us!
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The Speakman Family said...

So fun to see those pictures, Amanda! We loved our time with y'all!