Sunday, April 01, 2007

Roll Film!

Well, he did it! Saturday afternoon we took Carver to our local PBS station and he filmed a little piece for the new Raggs Kids Club. He did a great job and really enjoyed it. He and two other little boys sat with the show's cat, Dumpster, and talked about all sorts of things. I imagine there will be lots of editing before the final product comes out! He didn't seem nervous at all and liked the whole process-including hair and makeup (strawberry chapstick and a bit of concealer!). We were so proud of him.

G and I have often laughed at the whole stage parent phenomena, but to see it first hand was a little unnerving. One mother must have said six times to her son, "this is your job; you're working; pay attention and do your job..." It was also scary to see how easily we can become 'those parents'. One of the boy talked more than the other two and didn't use very good manners; I found myself (wrongfully) resenting him and his parents too! There was a lot of stress (completely generated by the parents) for a small bit on a PBS show. I can't imagine what Hollywood is like! Although Carver has asked to 'go back and do it again' I think G and I could go a long time without doing so. Nonetheless it was a terrific experience for him and he had fun-that's truly all I wanted for him. We'll be sure to let everyone know when his piece airs.

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