Friday, March 30, 2007

Deja Vous

On Wednesday Springer began her first music class with Music Together. When Carver was her age we did the same class and he really loved it. Even at a year old he took on the role as the class entertainer; he never sat in my lap (like the other children), but instead walked around and visited everyone (especially one precious little girl named Roxy), danced in the center of the circle and otherwise just made himself known. Springer can be a bit more stand off-ish at first so I assumed that she'd be more of a 'sit in my lap kind of girl'. I was wrong. Very wrong. It was Carver all over again. She was the ONLY child who prefered the middle of the circle to her mother's lap. She danced, hugged the younger children, lifted her dress, rolled, clapped, drummed-all very happily from the center of the group. Every now and then she would look over at me and just grin. She was in her element. So here we go....eight weeks of the Springer show! My mom used to say that all I needed was to open the refrigerator door and have the light come on and I would perform, so perhaps she's getting it honestly. G, of course, has never shied away from the spotlight either so I guess our kids are just being who they were made to be.
Speaking of the spotlight, Carver's shoot for PBS is tomorrow at 1:00. Wish him well!

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