Friday, March 02, 2007

Big Times in Big Canoe!

After a very hectic two months we took this past week off and headed to Big Canoe, GA to relax with our dear friends Donna, Billy and their girls. The weather was just beautiful-sunny skies and perfect temperatures; the kids got lots of outside time and Carver and Abigail even practiced riding their bikes without training wheels!
Most of our days were spent enjoying the gorgeous mountain setting, playing soccer and frisbee in the large field, soaking in the hot tub and eating!
It was a wonderfully relaxing time-
much needed and deeply enjoyed.
Thanks for sharing the week with us, friends!

Highlights of the hot tub: Carver and Springer both went all the way under!
Abigail and Sarah Curtis were great cheerleaders.
After the kids went to bed the grown ups enjoyed the tub to ourselves!

Mr. "Biddy" quickly became Springer's pal. It's clear that she misses him already!

Lunch at the Smith House in Dahlonega

Sarah Curtis, Abigail & Carver

The only real fussing was over who stood(or sat) next to whom! Carver, in what I can only guess was an early attempt to woo the ladies, told Sarah Curtis that she had 'magic hair' and that it was 'like butter.' Sweet Abigail was told that she has 'hair the color of toast'.
Perhaps he has a little way to go with his poetry! Posted by Picasa

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