Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our very own PBS Kid!

For a long time now people have encouraged us to get Carver involved in acting. Grocery store workers, our post man, neighbors, teachers, family...but we've hesitated for fear of being surrounded by or seen as 'those parents'. Well a few weeks ago a friend sent me a casting call for a new PBS show 'Raggs Kids Club.' It seemed the right time and
I figured PBS was as wholesome as it could get.

So, one Friday afternoon Carver and I headed to the auditions. We talked about it a little before hand and he seemed interested enough, but we really played it down. There were a lot of kids there and several days of auditions but I figured it was a good experience for him if nothing else.
After he auditioned he talked about really wanting to be on the show, but I stayed low key and just told him that there were a lot of kids and not everyone would be picked. March 10 was the day they said decisions would be announced. It came and went without a call so we really put it out of our minds. Carver asked about it a few times, but after the deadline I casually explained that some other kids must have been picked and maybe he could try again one day.

Well, low and behold, today I received an email from the casting director-he was picked to be on an episode! We are really excited for him and can't wait to tell him the news (he went home with a friend from school today so he still doesn't know). We'll see what comes of it. His Uncle Micah has already taken on the job as his agent and is requesting a cut!
He took the picture (below) that we used for his audition so he's looking for a finder's fee, I think! Wish him well; I'll post more information after the shooting takes place in a few weeks.
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keri said...

how exciting!! he is such a cute boy and sounds like he is full of wonder they picked him!

Micah said...

I just want this to be fair...for Carver and me. An invoice is in the mail.