Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Response

I keep meaning to post about Carver's response to the went something like this. He came home from Dylan's and we sat him down and said...
Me: Carver, guess what? The people from the kids show called today and they want you to be on the TV show! Isn't that cool?
Carver: (in tears and grabbing my neck) I want my mommy, I want my mommy!
Me: (pulling him off me) Carver, this is fun news! You really wanted to do this show and they chose YOU! Everyone is so excited...I talked to Uncle Micah (quite possibly his favorite person in the world) and he is so proud of you...
Carver: NO! I want to live with the Hiatts! I want to live with the Hiatts! I like living HERE!
Me: (trying very hard not to laugh): Carver, do you think that you have to move into the TV to be on the show?
Carver: Yes! And I don't want to go!
Me: You don't have to move, silly boy, we'll just go to a room and they will record you just like we do with our video camera.
Carver: (no tears now) Oh, it's sort of like I'll be a twin.
Me: (hesitantly) Yes, something like that. More like they'll just record you and then play it back on the television.
Carver: Oh, ok then.
G and I have had many a laughs thinking that he thought we were all so excited to be shipping him off! Poor boy! My favorite part was that he said he liked living 'with the Hiatts'. Since when did we become distant relatives?! Very funny.
We did get a call sheet and he'll be in the studio next Saturday around noon. I'll be sure to let everyone know how that one goes.

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Mandy said...

Bless his heart! Poor thing thought he'd never see you again! What a sweet personality he has. I think he'll SHINE!