Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Break Wrap Up

We ended spring break on a wonderful note-on Thursday Micah, Tricia and Sara James came up for a long weekend. On Friday we headed to Lazy 5 Ranch for a little visit with some exotic animals.
All week prior Springer talked non-stop about how she wanted to "hug da wamas". Well suffice it to say as soon as that llama stuck it's large head into our car her tune quickly changed. She didn't cry or say a peep, but the picture below captures her position for much of the journey. Carver on the other hand was wonderfully brave as he held tightly to the feed bowl and fed llamas, ostriches, cows and other large horned animals. Sara James squealed in delight and both she and Springer found the funny looking ostrich particularly amusing. It was a great adventure to share with our family.

Saturday began with a bit of drizzle, but that didn't stop us from continuing our theme of animal adventures. The children particularly enjoyed the Nature Path at the Nature Museum.
Or maybe it was just that they could run freely?

We tried our best to get a cute shot of all three of them, but I never quite captured it. By Sunday afternoon sweet Sara James was not in the mood to pose;
it's a good shot for posterity though!

Thanks for coming y'all! We miss you much.

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