Monday, August 28, 2006

A "Great" Week

I'm so thankful that our children have two great-grandparents taking active rolls in their young lives. We really treasure our time with both.
This has been a big month full of "greats". First my grandmother came for a birthday visit and then last week we had the privilege of hosting G's grandfather. He came in from Hawaii and spent 4 fun filled days with us. He's a retired pilot so there was lots of airplane throwing (and rebuilding!) and even a trip to our Air and Space Museum. Carver thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories of the airplanes that Granddad flew and taking a turn in the cockpit of the helicopters Kane (G's dad) flies. I imagine that Granddad went home to recuperate after a non stop week with us! Thanks for coming Granddad; we can't wait to visit you on your turf in October! You better rest up!


JenMom said...

Adorable. We had our own little aviation weekend, too!

JenMom said...

By the way, are you taking the kiddos to Hawaii, too? We have flown with ours to Maine & to San Francisco....but Hawaii will be quite a trip!

The Hiatt Family said...

Yes, we're all going! please give me some tips on making it with Springer!