Monday, August 28, 2006

Just What Do I Do With THESE?!

Although Springer began walking two months ago it was not until this week that we purchased her first pair of shoes. They are a tiny little pair of white Keds (don't get me started on the adorable hot pink Mary Janes I bought yesterday!). Anyway, before bed we decided to try them on her. Carver, several years ago, prepared us for the fact that this additional accessory to the wardrobe is not always met with glee. Springer is spunky and I had no doubt she would quickly express her opinion! Well, I put them on her, stood her up and then stepped back. At first she couldn't take one step without falling down. Then she tried really big, over-exaggerated steps. Each time she landed on her bum, pulled on her shoes and laughed, laughed, laughed! We're on day two now and she is definitely improving-although they continue to send her into fits of laughter! Hopefully we'll be ready to brave the play ground this weekend!
Please excuse the naked little man behind me.... Carver came running from his bath when he heard the commotion!

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Uncle Micah said...

Seriously Carver, put some clothes on.