Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here We Go!

After months of pondering my foray into blogging, I decided to take the leap! I will guarantee no great words of wisdom or answers to life's perplexing questions, but instead pictures and short stories of two especially adorable children. With family and friends spread from Hawaii to Georgia, I hope that little snippets of our life help connect the space between. Thanks for joining our family-I hope you enjoy!

Being that both of our children have birthdays during the week of August 7, I thought that may be a good place to start. On August 7, Carver turned four; on August 12 Springer turned one. It was a wonderfully fun, sweet week with lots of smiles, laughter and only a few tears shed by me as I coped with the fact that my babies changed so quickly! Here are a couple of shots of their big days and the festivities that accompanied them.... Pops, Nana, Granny, Uncle Micah, Aunt Tricia, and Sara James joined in the celebrations!

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JenMom said...

yay! I am so happy you are online!!! Great pictures.