Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

the ONLY picture (of a dozen) where Springer wasn't trying to escape!

Our little bunny

Buzz Lightyear
When Carver's costume arrived he put it on and said, "Mama, now I don't have to PLAY Buzz Lightyear, I AM Buzz Lightyear!" And that he has been-for two days now!

A very tired bunny and Buzz Lightyear are sound asleep after a fun filled round through the neighborhood. After a Halloween dinner of monster burgers and slime (green milk) we headed out for trick or treating. Springer bounced along in the wagon and Carver literrally ran down the sidewalks for blocks! He should sleep well tonight! G and I have tried to perform our parental duty of candy tasting. I'll be the one running blocks tomorrow!

Happy Halloween; we hope your day was filled with as many smiles and laughter as ours!
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JenMom said...

Amanda- What adorable costumes. I am so glad ya'll had such fun!
and the HI pics are gorgeous. I am glad you are home safely. I was so worried about ya'll. Did the earthquake have any impact on your trip at all?

JenMom said...

BTW, I love the fun Halloween dinner idea. Did your Mom do that growing up?

The Hiatt Family said...

Thanks for remembering us while we were in Hawaii. We had a great time with no aftershocks or other unpleasantries.

I don't remember my mom regularly making a Halloween dinner, but it certainly seems like something she would have done. I just thought of the monster burgers yesterday afternoon. I used steamed broccoli for the hair, cheese for the crooked teeth, olives for eyes and a long string bean for the green bumpy nose. There are a thousand other things you could do instead. I just used what we had on hand. The milk was a big hit (after a tearful plea for "plain, white milk, please!").

Nana and Pops said...

We love the "Our Bunny" picture, and "Buzz Lightyear". We are trying to find Pops a Buzz Lightyear costume too!