Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jesus and the Elves?

At bedtime this evening Carver asked me to read him Psalm 100. They have been learning those verses at church and he enjoys saying it as I read. Well, Psalm 100 turned into Psalm 101 and then stories from Matthew, Mark and Luke. He is a born staller and really how can you tell a kid that you refuse to read any more Bible stories! Anyway, as I read to him 'the disciples' continued to be mentioned. I tried to think of a creative way for a 4 year old to understand just who these men were and their importance to Jesus. I began with something like 'they were very important helpers.' Without missing a beat Carver replied, "Right! Just like the elves!" I guess so! Does anyone else want to tackle the apostles?!

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Uncle Micah said...

Pastor's kids...classic.