Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Together... at last!

After months of longing for the day when Carver and Springer really played together (not just in the same room, but united in the same mission)...it's finally come! About a month ago I noticed that they were beginning to find common interests (Athough in all honesty common interest was never a problem on Springer's end of things. Anything her brother does she is happy to follow!). More and more I realize that large chunks of time go by with them playing with one another. Often Carver sits and has a tea party with her, they read together, play at the train table, draw, sing, dance, and then the best of all their favorite game of chase. They run around and around the main part of the house (which always includes the kitchen and without fail takes place as I prepare dinner) chasing, sqealing and laughing uncontrollably. Carver, of course, laps her several times, but they both end up in the same spot-equally delighted. This evening after dinner Springer decided to bring her baby in on the fun. She pushed the baby in the stroller and Carver would block her. Included is a little video of their fun...you can be thankful that they were no where near as loud as is typical!

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Nonna said...

Can't wait to see them. Making travel arrangement right now. Will have a great tea party when I get there. Carver, ask Springer where we should have it. Shouls we have an indoor picnic? Bacioni a tutti. Nonna