Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

For the past several years we've celebrated Christmas Eve with our dear friends the Sellners. The Speakmans were also able to join the celebration again this year and with 6 kids under 5 the excitement in the air was palpable. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, the kids played dress up and every other game they could come up with and we all headed home with full bellies and hearts full of anticipation. G said he woke up every hour on Christmas Eve-he couldn't wait to get the big day started! They each were allowed to open one present before heading over to the Sellner's. Carver chose to open their gifts from Uncle Terry and Aunt Pam. Carver loved his lego set and Springer has already served many cups of tea from her beautiful tin tea set.

Funny girls-full of one too many cookies!
Carver (AKA Superman), Mary Gray and Jack (AKA Panther's player).
Sweet Samuel-you could eat him with a spoon!
The kids were in the process of recreating the nativity.
I believe Mary Gray was the director; she had her work cut out!
while vision of sugar plums danced in their heads....

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