Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Skates

Carver's been quite a trooper with his new skates. He's certainly taken his share of tumbles, but he keeps on going. He so badly wants to go fast. I am sure that day is not too far away. Roller skating was my favorite activity as a child and it's really sweet for me to watch him share in that enjoyment. Here's to keeping all his bones intact in 08!


The Barfield Family said...

Love all the Christmas festivities!! I love the videos, b/c I can hear your voice!! Miss you....Todd is in Charlotte this weekend for the Wake game, go Demon Deacs! Happy New year!

Trey, Carrie, Lillian, and Reid said...

Love this one - Reid has watched the video of Carver skating at least 10 times in a row. He was also most impressed with the jersey and the Superman costume in another post.

As I type, he's telling me he wants to see Carver on skates again. He now wants skates for Christmas - only 51 weeks to go. :)