Saturday, May 19, 2007

Family FUN day

Yesterday was the annual Family Fun Day at Carver's school and that it was! He and his friends are the oldest at the school and boy did they rule the roost. I barely saw him all morning; he ran from one thing to the other and only checked in when I happened to find him. Even at lunch he preferred to sit on the curb and eat with Dylan rather than eating on our picnic blanket.
He's really growing up!

Our little tigers: Wyatt, Carver and Dylan

The obstacle course was his favorite activity

This slide was attached to a moon bounce; the stairs were also made of plastic but were rather steep. I tried to divert Springer's attention and keep her bouncing, but once she spotted the stairs up she went. As you can see the slide is TALL, but she was completely unfazed. She probably went up and down about 5 times before deciding that she didn't want to come down again. She didn't appear to be scared, but she planted herself (slightly out of the way) at the top and REFUSED to budge. We pleaded, offered popcorn, cheered....all to no avail. Several times she moved as if she was heading down and then grinned and scooted back into her spot. Finally it was lunch time and I headed up (the slide!) to retrieve her. You should see the series of pictures from that little escapade....anyway, I made it up and she thought it was hilarious to have me up there with her.
And as you can see we both enjoyed our ride back down!

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