Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Preschool Graduation!

(In the video, Carver is on the back row next to his teacher)

A proud little boy-
and a proud Mama too!

Dylan, Lawson & Carver

His wonderful teachers: Miss Cameron & Miss Encarnacion
He really adores them...
This morning's graduation ceremony was so special. Although Carver has one more year at the the preschool (with a summer birthday we're giving him an extra year before starting Kindergarten) all but one of his friends will head off to kindergarten in the fall. Most of these children have been together since they were 2 and seeing them all together for the last time was just too much for me! The ceremony was perfect; several songs, awards (Carver received the 'Best Hugger' award!) and then a party afterward. It couldn't have been a sweeter time. I left there so full of emotion, though. It's amazing to look at all these little faces and know that they will experience so much in the years to come. Our time with 'preschoolers' is short and there is so much that I long to cram into his little head and heart. I am thankful that our Father loves him even more than I do and I feel deeply grateful to have this special little boy as my own.

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keri said...

how sweet! i love that he got the "best hugger" award...too cute. i was all emotional at ella's preschool "graduation" as well....she, like carver, has a summer birthday...but we are moving her on to kindergarten. i can't believe how quickly these young years have gone. i have the same thoughts that you do about our little ones!