Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend: Soccer Game

Ok, I am terribly behind on new pictures; we've just been hopping! Mother's Day weekend was wonderful; my dad came for a visit and we all enjoyed our time with him. Carver's soccer team received an invitation to participate in a half time show for the professional soccer team here. So after Daddy got into town we all loaded up and headed to the stadium. Carver's highlight was shooting a goal on the big field; the rest of us thoroughly enjoyed our friend Jeremy's kettle corn. Phenomenal! If you'll notice in the picture below, Springer is quite contentedly eating hers from her croc! I've never seen her sit still for that long!

Poor Pops was required (by Carver, of course) to sit between the two car seats whenever we left the house. Never mind that we had a whole empty seat behind him-it just could not be any other way! Pops sweetly agreed.

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