Thursday, May 03, 2007

A morning of art & music

On Wednesday morning Carver's school had their annual art gallery opening.
G and I joined him for a stroll through the halls to admire all of the art work and then joined his class upstairs
for music class with the parents. The children sang their hearts out and gave an often hillarious performance of all their favorites.
It was a sweet way to spend a morning together.

Our proud artist

His art class studied Alberto Giacometti, a sculptor known for his elongated limbs.
This is Carver's Giacometti-like impression of a giraffe surrounded by rocks.

Gettin' down to the music!

The children chose which songs they'd sing for the parents and they were all fast paced
and full of motion! It was a real treat to watch them sing and dance! Their music teacher is a champ!
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JenMom said...

His school seems terrific! The giraffe is wonderful.