Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday and the Festival in the Park

All week long we've looked forward to the Festival in the Park, one of our favorite traditions. There are art vendors, kettle corn, hot dogs, funnel cakes, fruit stands, wooden toys-you name it, they have it. They also have lots of kids rides and needless to say that is the highlight for Carver and Springer. Last year the huge slide was too taunting for Carver to try solo. Not this year. He and his pal Zach headed up those stairs and never looked back. As I stood at the bottom it was such a surreal moment; my little boy is just that-a boy. Wow!
Springer and I enjoyed the carousel and she and her daddy enjoyed the roller coaster while Carver and Zach rode together. It was a wonderful way to spend a late summer afternoon.

I enjoyed taking a look back on our time at the festival last year; hope you do as well.

Little Springer last year-and Miss "I do it myself"today

This year : roller coasters and huge slides-without mama or daddy.


katie said...

it blows my mind how quickly they grow up! makes me want to hang on that much more to each passing moment!
your kids are gems!

The Barfield Family said...

Love how you compared last year and this year! i might have to do that on my blog..neat! Sweet children!