Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Adventure

Not ones to sit idly we decided to embark on an 'adventure' this morning. In Carver's world an adventure need not entail scaling grand mountains or sailing the oceans blue-an adventure is simply going somewhere you've never gone before. For us that meant taking a 30 minute trip to a shopping area and cool playground about which we'd heard. It did not disappoint. The kids played on the most ergonomically correct and interesting playground you could imagine. No swings or slides, but lots of places to climb and glide and twist and turn. A great place for imaginations and loads of energy. We all enjoyed the sunny (albeit still very warm) weather and then took lunch at Five Guys (yummy grilled cheeses and french fries. As a side note about the fries....when I told C where we were eating he said, "But Mom, we DO NOT need to eat all of those fries; they give you too many and they aren't good for you!" Proof that he's listened to something I've said at least!) Anyway, a fun time playing, good eats (even a few fries!) and a little shopping...a great adventure to be sure!

Round and round and round she goes

As he stood on the top I said, "Carver, you're King of the World!" 'No, mom.' was he reply. ' I don't want to hurt God's feelings.' Perhaps he's been listening to his daddy as well!

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JMom said...

No worries about C building a tower of Babel anytime soon, huh? Loved the post about S's shoes. Hilarious!
As a side note, I just saw your comment on the Farley's blog. I am so moved by their faith. Incredible!