Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stage Lights

On Sunday, Carver's nursery class moved up into children's church. No more nursery; he now stays with us until the sermon and is then dismissed to children's church. As part of this celebration the children who were moving out of nursery lead the congregation in the call to worship (Psalm 117). Carver practiced for weeks and was so excited about his chance to be on the 'stage'. Well, they did a great job and when they finished G invited them to stay on the stage with him as we sang the opening song. Carver was delighted! He sang (and danced) his heart out. At the last chorus I went up to lead them down and back to their parents. Most of the children happily ran off to meet their folks, but not Carver. He sobbed. Big tears. As he sobbed he repeated over and over (relatively quietly and thankfully the music was loud), "I don't want to come down, I wasn't done on the stage!" "Can I please go back next week without the other kids?" Over and over.... Needless to say he's got the bug.


katie said...

so you think this preacher stuff is genetic?? i've been wondering! ;)

Uncle Micah said...

That boy loves the spotlight. You cannot pull him away from it.