Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home Again, Home Again....

After a wonderful ten days away, we are home. Carver and Springer adored every minute with their cousins; I have never seen them laugh and play so much-and so happily (and without me!) It was a wonderful time with Nonna, Aunt Paola, Uncle David, Josh, Molly, Maggie and Jack. We miss y'all already and are counting the time until Thanksgiving. Now the readjusting begins...thankfully there are two more weeks before school starts back. I'm not quite ready for the fall, although a break from these awful temperatures will be welcome!

Carver has a special place in his heart for sweet Maggie. Although she is almost 3 years older they are the best of buds. She tolerates his following her around quite nicely. Before we left for the beach Carver told me that "Maggie must be thinking about me all the time!" I am sure she is enjoying a little personal space now that we're gone!

The Buzz Lightyear space craft (complete with the new costume
Carver received for his birthday)

Our littlest Buzz...takes a turn on Josh's surf board!

They loved the ocean-and the pool-and the Sugar Shak-and the golf cart-and the sand-and the...

Nonna and her little (and not so little) ones

We're already looking forward to next summer!


katie said...

beautiful family!
looks like a great vacation... i'm so jealous! :)

The Barfield Family said...

great blog!! Love all of the pictures...glad you had fun and are home safe!

keri said...

looks like some good times together!!