Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A "Pumped Up" Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a joint birthday celebration for Carver and Springer. We rented out "Pump It Up" (everything is made of pumped up vinyl-moon bounce, obstacle course, slides, etc.) for the birthday boy and girl and 25 sweet friends. Everyone from 2 to 62 thoroughly enjoyed it. It's nearly impossible to climb through a bouncy obstacle course without laughing! We ended our time with cupcakes (chocolate with peanut butter icing for the boys and strawberry for the girls) and ice cream. It was a perfect morning made all the more special by Pops and Nana's attendance. They definitely won the 'good sports' of the day award; they conquered everything that Pump It Up could dish out! Thank y'all for spending the weekend with us.
Pops and Carver work their way through the obstacle course.

Springer pulled off her bow early on and never looked back; this is the only shot I have of her sitting...that is until the cupcakes and ice cream came out!

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