Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Day, Another Beautiful Beach

Joseph Sylvia State Beach (between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown) proved to be the perfect spot for us to land this morning. We had this great little nook all to ourselves; Carver enjoyed walking out to the point. Shells were everywhere...the breeze was just right...we'll be back here for sure!

East Chop Lighthouse-only one more left for us to visit!

After a little shopping downtown (all to myself) we headed over to Oak Bluffs to ride the Flying Horses Carousel; this is the oldest carousel in the country. The horses were carved by hand and have real horse hair. Springer decided against sitting on the horses and opted for a carriage instead. Carver on the other hand loved his horse and took great pride in trying to grab the brass ring each time it circled by (that's what I am doing in the above shot); he managed to get the coveted gold ring and won another ride!

We rounded out the afternoon by taking a walk over to Martha's Vineyard Bakery for delicious was lovely, full, fun day!

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