Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gay Head, Menemsha & Badminton

The cliffs and lighthouse at Gay Head (Aquinnah)
-the very tip of the island.

Learning how to play badminton in the back yard.

Springer takes a turn.

Day two has been utterly relaxing...half of us weren't even up at 9:00 this morning (the girls of our family). After a leisurely ride to the farmer's market, we visited the towns of Gay Head and Menemsha. Carver and Springer enjoyed the cliffs, the lighthouse and the fishing boats in Menemsha. Giorgio and I enjoyed the delicious quahog chowder at The Bite

After a visit with a mutual friend at Focus Camp we enjoyed dinner on the deck followed by the evening's game of badminton. It's now close to 9:00 and the kids are soundly sleeping while Giorgio and I enjoy a brisk evening outside. I think I need to grab my sweater-better go!

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The Barfield Family said...

Love that you are over the Mason-Dixon Line!! HOpe you are having fun...I will keep reading your blog to keep up with all of your fun! Have a wonderful time..I am jealous, nothing better than New England in the summer!! We would love to have you on your way home if you need a pit stop! Please, Please Feel free to come! Love Anna