Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Fun at State Beach

G headed to Boston today for a meeting (in doing so he used 6 modes of transportation: car, ferry, bus, train, bike and his own feet-pretty impressive given that he was only gone 12 hours!). While he was away the kids and I spent a quiet morning at the house (Springer woke up with a bad dream last night and remained mostly up for the better part of three hours-she took a much needed nap that started a little after 11 this morning.). When she woke up-much merrier than she had been-we headed back to State Beach. It's become our favorite spot due to the relatively (and I mean really relatively) warmer waters, fewer jelly fish, and the best depth to practice swimming and snorkeling. There's also no shortage of sand-a prerequisite for my dirt lovin' girl." Jacque Cousteau" heads off on another dive-he's become quite the ocean explorer.
Springer enjoyed her spot in the sand...taking great joy in throwing large rocks (or 'bowling balls') over the ledge and watching the splash. I believe a few of her carrots made their way into the water as well...."because da fishes need a tweat."

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Mandy said...

Your pictures are all so incredible! I love them all - have enjoyed following your incredible trip.